For two college students, 1990 is the start of a new life. Their world is one of wonder, love, and sheer potential. Monica, the homecoming queen and captain of the cheerleading squad, knows that the future is bright and exciting. When she meets Peel, a self-destructive artist and poet who seeks a life of danger, she can't begin to imagine anything but happily ever after. What happens next is almost inevitable: a brief yet intense love affair that makes a lasting impression on everyone who knows them. First among these is Zog, a longtime friend who would become the author of their unauthorized biography.

Painstakingly researched, their affair comes to passionate life through love letters and transcripts of taped interviews, fueled by Zog's obsessive desire to know everything about what really happened between them. Monica met Peel when she was twenty, and the world was hopeful. When she loses him just nine years later, his death redefines her world.

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The Devil's Gambit was released in 2009, and it is currently making it's rounds in the film festival circuit.

A school teacher, Amy (played by Tracy Lucca), goes into a coffee house and playes chess with a man named Jesse. During the course of the games, she confronts the demons of her past, includeing her abusive parents and cheating fiance. She returns a third time to find her new opponent is the devil, but she defeats him by using the lessons he taught her (as Jesse).

Tracy also had a supporting role in the film "The Fifth Door"

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